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Industrial Machine Vision Solutions

Engineering, System Integration & Service by Decision Technology

Machine Vision Systems: Engineering, Integration & Service

Decision Technology is a systems integration company specializing in machine vision solutions that cover a wide range of applications and technologies. As a system integrator, we are flexible in that we can engineer and build turn-key solutions or just provide engineering services. Starting with a thorough understanding of customer requirements, we develop solutions that are optimized in both cost and performance.

Featured Case Study

Tapered Hole Measurement

New Product

Configuration Management and Build Verification using Feature Based Programming: Decision Technology has developed a Feature Based Programming technique for machine vision systems that is ideally suited for product inspection and build verification.


We Specialize In Turnkey Applications That Involve:

  • Web Inspection

  • Surface Inspection (Stationary and Continuous Web)

  • Presence / Absence (Build) Verification

  • Non-contact Part Gauging

  • Industrial Metrology (1, 2 and 3-Dimensional)

  • Process Control

  • Vision Based Poka Yoke / Poke Yoke Systems

  • Machine Guidance and Motion Control

  • Custom Video & Image Recording

  • Quality Control and Inspection

  • Training

The focus of machine vision (no pun intended) is to vastly improve the highly detailed manufacturing and quality control processes of your factory through the use of non-contact optical systems. Automated machine vision systems outperform the human eye and human endurance many times over, thereby providing greatly improved consistency and quality in product manufacturing. Additional financial benefits include a dramatic reduction in labor costs and a significant decrease in product returns due to undetected imperfections.

For more information about how Decision Technology LLC can improve your manufacturing efficiency and/or quality control, contact Bob Rongo at our Indianapolis, Indiana headquarters:

Email:   |   Phone: 317-272-2577   |   Fax: 317-272-6877
188 N. Avon Avenue, Suite 108   |   Avon, IN 46123


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